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Great Power Girl Moments #1 — Power Girl #17, p.6

There are so many totally amazing moments for Power Girl, I’m not really sure where to start! but here’s one. This awesome moment is from Power Girl #17, p.6, in which Power Girl and Batman are on the hunt for the next piece of the puzzle of who’s causing so much trouble around the planet with android/cyborgs, and eventually, as we find out, cloning, too. In the DC Universe, Bruce Wayne is still away at this point – thrown back in time, but dead as far as most believe, and Dick Grayson has stepped in to fill the roll of Batman. At this point, Power Girl and Batman (Grayson) are looking for an arms dealer who helped contribute a bit to the situation. They’ve fought off the goon-squad protecting the arms dealer, and now Power Girl has ripped open the door to his hideout! This phenomenal image and dialogue of Power Girl is simply superb. I love it!!!!

Power Girl and Batman, from Power Girl #17, p.06

The “BEE--OO” half way in the frame is Power Girl shooting her heat vision at the big gun that the arms dealer is aiming at them. In the frame following this, you’d see the gun being sliced in half by her heat vision.

I love how the opening that they are looking into is slightly slanted, how the light somehow has this really real glow about it, as if it was a real light, and how the shape of their figures stands out so dramatically being lit from the back. It’s simply a great image, and some great Power Girl dialogue.

From Power Girl #17, “Snow Job, part two”
Written by Judd Winick
Art by Sami Basri
Colored by Sunny Gho & Jessica Kholinne
Lettering by John J. Hill

To pick up a copy for yourself at your local comics shop and support local business in your area, find a local comics shop at:

Or order #17 through or another online retailer.

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