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Great Power Girl Moments #2 — Power Girl #19, p.24

This is another of my most favorite images of Power Girl. It's from Power Girl #19, in which Power Girl woke up from nap that was an actually pretty bad nightmare in which Divine (an evil clone of Power Girl) snapped Nicco’s neck, and then Max Lord shot a bullet through Power Girl’s head. This couldn’t have actually happened because Kryptonian bodies are impervious to be punctured by conventional human bullets – but it was a nightmare.

In the frame below, Nicco had just told Power Girl where he thought Divine and Crash might be at that point in the story. Lost in her thoughts about the nightmare, her response was, “What did you say?” And the look on her face in this frame just so captured a look of shock and surprise, it’s just a phenomenal image, so well done. The artist, Sami Basri, just totally nailed it. I love Power Girl!!!!

Power Girl lost in thought, from Power Girl #19, p.24

This also really shows off her fallable side; she was caught up in thinking about the nightmare she had, even if it’s not justified (like the fear of getting shot through the head), she has fears, anger, and even with her super-hearing, her thoughts distract her from hearing! That’s really why Power Girl is just one of the very best comic book heros out there, she’s portrayed with such awesome realness.

From Power Girl #19, “One Step Forward -- Two Steps Back”
Written by Judd Winick
Art by Sami Basri
Colored by Sunny Gho & Jessica Kholinne
Lettering by John J. Hill

To pick up a copy for yourself at your local comics shop and support local business in your area, find a local comics shop at:

Or order #19 through or another online retailer.

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