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The Blog Begins

Hi folks out on the world wide web. I totally love Power Girl. She is so totally awesome, funny, cute and adorable, strong like Superman, super duper great friends with Batman – they’re like totally buddies, and although she could use some help in her little corporate business, she’s really trying to make a difference in the world. For me, she’s just all around a wonderfully fabulous person, and I’m devoting this blog to talking about how wonderful she is!

I’m just getting the website off the ground now, so if you see things moving around, or the appearance of things changing, it’s cause I’m hard at work so I can to tell the world how super awesome Power Girl is and so many other super heros are, especially DC characters.

Anyway, I hope to share my love of these characters with others through this blog — and to promote DC characters in general, so lots of other people will get into them, and so there’ll be even more wonderful comics for me to enjoy at my local comics shop! Yay!

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Enjoys blogging about comic books, but especially Power Girl. Domiciles on planet Earth. And enjoys vegetable gardening and mixes of Frangelico and Butterscotch Schnapps.

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