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Great Power Girl Moments #4 — Power Girl #17, p.12

This series of images and text on this page is another of my overwhelming favorite Power Girl moments. The images are so superbly well done and the dialogue is simply spectacular. I love Power Girl!!!!

In this image, Power Girl has been hanging out with Batman, Dick Grayson specifically, as at this point in the DC Universe, Bruce Wayne is still off having gotten thrown back in time and everyone thinks he’s dead but he’s not. Earlier in this issue, Batman and Power Girl stormed the hideout of an arms dealer and found out from him that the next place that they might look for the real bad guys is way off in Antarctica. So, Power Girl is about to head out, on her own into the vast frozen expanses of Antarctica. In the image before this, Batman tells her, “Just be careful.” And the following simply awesome interaction occurs that I just completely fell in love with:

Power Girl and Batman having a brilliant few moments together, from Power Girl #26, p.12

Firstly, the dialogue is just amazingly well done. The characters have been and are interacting in such a very real way, a way that really reveals a true comradery between them, that they really know each other, are concerned about the other, and it displays some great humor and wit on Batman’s part that brilliantly gets his point across to Power Girl! Even Power Girl’s line, “When am I not careful?” it tells of her own overconfidence about being able to handle virtually any situation on her own. I think we all feel that sometimes too, going in overconfident, but then emerge with some bumps and bruises. Power Girl, she get ‘um good though, and flawlessly — of course! Power Girl is so adorable.

The images are equally phenomenal. Pretty much every image here is so iconic and memorable. The first frame where Power Girl is flying up into the night sky, so confident and strong, with Batman’s silhouette in the background. Gorgeous. The artistic team both in drawings and coloring hit these images so right on. Then when Batman clicks his grappling line gun, the click that is shown is so well done, too, and that grappling line and perspective — so beautiful!!!! And as he is leaping and swinging off the building, the physics of the positioning of his body and his cape as it fans out like a bat – it’s just so perfectly well done.

Another thing about these images are their facial expressions, the matching of their expressions with the words they are saying is so astutely and brilliantly drawn. It’s amazing!!! Power Girl and Batman overwhelmingly rock together. I love Power Girl!

In general, this is one of those pinnacle, great moments in Power Girl comics.

From Power Girl #17, “Snow Job, part two”
Written by Judd Winick
Art by Sami Basri
Colored by Sunny Gho & Jessica Kholinne
Lettering by John J. Hill

To pick up a copy for yourself at your local comics shop and support local business in your area, find a local comics shop at:

Or order #17 through or another online retailer.

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