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Great Power Girl Moments #6 — Power Girl #7, p.11

This great power girl moment is from Power Girl #7 in which Vartox comes to visit the planet Earth to mate with Power Girl. He has “traversed the cosmos on a mission of love!” Though it does not turn out that they mate in a way that one might imagine, he does eventually mate in her in Power Girl #8, but not before a lot of explaining and reasoning by Vartox.

Power Girl being hushed quiet by Vartox, from Power Girl #7, p.11.

Preceding this phenomenal image, Vartox and this ship (shaped like a giant metallic head) appears before Power Girl and Doctor Mid-Nite on the roof of a building. They had been in hot pursuit of Blue Snowman who had stolen a quite valuable sapphire. Vartox uses some sort of gun to shoot at Power Girl a “seduction musk distilled from the tears of the ghost poets of dimension seven.”

This love potion of sorts does not have any effect on Power Girl, but it does make Doctor Mid-Nite go unconscious. Just as Vartox begins to explain what the musk’s effects should have been, Power Girl orders him back in his ship to leave. And then, this image above occurs.

It is just such a great image. Vartox fearlessly forward holds up his finger to his mouth to say “Shhh” while simultaneously placing his other finger over Power Girl’s mouth to keep her from speaking. And the look on Power Girl’s face is absolutely priceless — a look of sheer and sudden shock and annoyance that he would be so bold as to actually hush Power Girl from speaking. Priceless!

Vartox dressed up, over the top, like some extreme, sexual animal to seduce Power Girl to mate with him, from Power Girl #8, p.8.Vartox dressed up, over the top, like some extreme, sexual animal to seduce Power Girl to mate with him, from Power Girl #8, p.8.

Vartox’s extreme boldness and confidence is also found throughout his appearances within the Power Girl title, but particularly earlier on in this issue when he proclaims: “There is no female in the universe who can refuse Vartox’s many charms.” I love it. Vartox is such a great, hugely over the top character, that I think he really does kind of match Power Girl well, in strange way.

Following this frame, the love potion actually reaches the nostrils of Blue Snowman, who takes off her helmet and exclaims her love for Vartox and her profound willingness to mate with him.

The image to the left is of Vartox himself on board his ship with Power Girl. This is one of the outfits that he uses to try to appeal to Power Girl to mate with him. Following this image, she insists that he put on something more “conservative.” I find this pretty funny in that Power Girl’s regular superhero outfit is not conservative much at all.

Well, referring back now to the main image of this post, this amazing great Power Girl moment actually does have a bit of coloring error to it – Power Girl’s neck is completely colored white, not just up to where her outfit’s neck line is. Outside of that, this stands out as such a marvelous Power Girl moment of imagery and dialogue expressing not just wonderful expressions of the emotions of the characters, but a beautiful and hilarious interaction between them.

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From Power Girl #4, “Girls’ Night Out”
Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Amanda Conner
Colored by Paul Mounts
Lettering by John J. Hill

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