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Great Power Girl Moments #8 — Mister Terrific #1, p.25

This particular great Power Girl moment displays so amazingly a frustrated Power Girl/Karen Starr, caught in a web of high social drama. From Mister Terrific #1, Karen is at a fundraising party for a presidential candidate, held at the Conscientia Institute – a division of Holt Industries. Michael Holt/Mr. Terrific had invited Karen to join him there.

For those less knowledgeable about the larger social situation (see Mister Terrific #1-8 and World’s Finest #1), Karen had apparently dated Michael Holt for a while, they eventually broke up, but were still friends. At this point in the story, Karen and Michael are broken up, but one of Michael’s underling workers, Aleeka Okafur, is hot for Michael and sees Karen present there as a threat to her potentially hooking up with him.

The high drama ensued when Aleeka confronted Karen at the party and they get in a horrific argument about racism and how Karen is white, beautiful, and quite wealthy, and that due to all of this, she’s basically got zero chances with him, because of her. Aleeka ends it with the line, “I might as well be invisible.” Two frames down, Karen puts her head down and in a tumultuous river of frustration exclaims to herself, “Nice party.”:

Karen Starr at a party with Aleeka Okafur putting her head down in frustration at the high drama around her. From Mister Terrific #1, p.25.

I so felt Karen’s frustration at that moment. It’s so perfect.

I love Power Girl! One might also be aware that at this point, very few other characters know that Karen actually has super powers other than Huntress/Helena Wayne and some select employees at Starr Industries (as revealed in World’s Finest #2). Not even Michael Holt knows.

This edition of Mr. Terrific – with Power Girl in it – is available to enjoy as an individual edition or now in trade paperback!

Mr. Terrific #1, “Software Update”
Written by Eric Wallace
Penciling by Gianluca Gugliotta
Inking by Wayne Faucher
Colored by Mike Atiyeh
Lettering by Dave Sharpe

To pick up individual issues or the trade paperback at your local comics shop and support local business in your area, find a local comics shop at:

Or order #1 through, pick it up in trade paperback at or through another online retailer.

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