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My WordPress Plugins

For those of you who are unaware, a good portion of internet websites are run using a computer program running in the background instead of using static html files. One of those programs that many people use is called WordPress, and this Power Girl fan website, runs using that particular computer program.

Anyway, I recently got frustrated with one of the new features of the latest WordPress release and decided to mend the program by writing my very first plugin. Very recently I also forked the plugin to be two different plugins, depending on your particular desires for your site. My two plugins are:

One Click Logout
One Click Logout Barless

If you also use WordPress on one of your websites, you may find one of these plugins helpful too! :)

Enjoy! And I hope you even more enjoy my Power Girl blog here. She is my all time favorite comic book hero and this website is dedicated to singing of her glories. Power Girl rocks!!!!

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