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One Click Logout

My One Click Logout Plugin for the WordPress Dashboard

This plugin simplifies logging out of the Wordpress Dashboard to one click.

In the WordPress Dashboard, in the upper right corner, one must open and hover through a dropdown menu to logout, which in the minds of some is equivalent to two clicks of a mouse. TWO CLICKS! To enhance the ease of use, this simple plugin alters the logout to occur with a single click.

If you still can't stand the gray admin bar and wish to use the Admin Bar Removal plugin by sLa, please use One Click Logout Barless in conjunction to restore a WP 3.2-like header AND one click logout.


No more maneuvering through annoying dropdown menus.

One click and you’re out!!!!

* Creates a simple one click logout for the WordPress Dashboard.
* Simplifies and drops user profile link.

1. Download and install plugin, then activate.

Zen is now returning to your Dashboard.

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