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One Click Logout Barless

My One Click Logout Barless Plugin, for WordPress

In the WP Dashboard, if you remove the gray admin bar using the Admin Bar Removal plugin by sLa — this plugin works in conjunction with it to restore a WP 3.2-like Dashboard header AND one-click logout.

This plugin is forked from my original One Click Logout plugin to accommodate those who wish to not have the admin bar and wish for single-click logout.

With this plugin, I have also added multisite support. If you have multisite installed, in the center betwen the Howdy greeting and the logout link, a “Network Admin” or “Site Admin” link will also appear, depending on whether you’re in the Network Dashboard or one of the site Dashboards. It behaves in a similar manner to the 3.1 Dashboard in this regard.


No more admin bar to clutter your dashboard.

No more maneuvering through annoying dropdown menus.

One click and you’re out!!!!

* Shifts side menu up to the page top after Admin Bar Removal plugin is installed.
* Adds a 3.2-like Dashboard header.
* Adds a single-click logout to Dashboard
* Works with multisite installations.

1. Download and install plugin, then activate.

Zen is now returning to your Dashboard.

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